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Foundation History

The Foundation was formed in 1978 as Faith Lutheran Foundation under the impetus of Pastor Verner Strand as a way to put our faith into action by funding worthy charitable and community projects in the greater Kansas City area. Throughout the years, foundation members have moved to other churches and communities while maintaining their membership in the foundation, and new members from other denominations have been added to our rolls. At the Annual Meeting in 2013, the members of Faith Lutheran Foundation voted to change the name to Faith Outreach Foundation to more accurately reflect our diverse membership and community involvement.

Foundation Purpose

The foundation provides grant funding to qualified local non-profit organizations and agencies for specific purposes or projects. The Grant Review Committee reviews the applications and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors to fund, modify or deny requests. Funding must meet previously established policy guidelines in order to be approved. These guiding principles may be found in the section entitled Grants - How to Apply.

Ecumenical Spirit

The ecumenical spirit of Faith Outreach Foundation is evident by the variety of churches where members of the foundation worship. Those include the following:

Advent Lutheran Church

Asbury United Methodist Church

Ascension Lutheran Church

United Methodist Church of the Resurrection

Curé of Ars

Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Kaw Prairie Community Church

Legacy Christian Church

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection

Overland Park Lutheran Church

St. Luke's Lutheran Church

Village Presbyterian Church

Visitation Catholic Church

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