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Guiding Principles for Grant Evaluation


Grants shall be consistent with the following principles:

  • Grants shall be made only from investment earnings of the Foundation, except that, upon unanimous vote of the Board, up to 5% of the corpus of the Foundation may be used for grants in any single calendar year.

  • No single grant may exceed $4,000.00. A single entity may not be given more than two grants totaling $4,000.00 during any twelve month period.

  • Grant recipients must be entities with 501(c)(3) status located and operating within the Kansas counties of Johnson and Wyandotte, and Missouri counties of Cass, Clay, Jackson, and Platte.

  • Grants will not be given directly or indirectly to any church.

  • Grants must directly address “people” needs; they will NOT be given to offset administrative ("operating") expenses. 

  • Grant recipients are required to place all funds in a temporarily restricted fund to be used for the purpose stated in the grant application.


Operating expenses will not be funded. Operating expenses include salaries, rent, utilities and expenses incurred in the course of the ordinary activities (programs) of the organization.

We will fund projects that differ materially from the programs offered and are items for which you can provide receipts in your final report. You must provide a Project Budget in which you detail the items you plan to purchase, the cost per item, the total cost of each item you purchase. The total shown in the Project Budget should equal the amount you are requesting in your grant application. An example of a Project Budget can be downloaded with the link at the right.

The Grant Review Committee will meet one week prior to the board meetings.  The deadline for the final grant period of the foundation is September 1.

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